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It’s Always Been About the People

I’ve been spending the early part of the New Year going through old files that have been sitting in the filing cabinet for years untouched. You see, many of these files belonged to my predecessor, my father. And while I may have approached going through 64 years...

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A Note from VRMCA President Genevieve Walker

Well, here we are. Halfway through 2020 and what a year it’s been! I hope each of you – and all those around you – are staying safe and healthy. While there’s no doubt it has been a challenging year, we as an industry have seemed to fare a bit better than...

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Participation Drives Progress

In our last newsletter, Past President Stephen Render provided a fantastic overview of the many positive changes that have been happening within our association, much driven by his vision and dedication. And now it’s up to me – with your help – to...

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Momentum: A Note from Stephen Render

Once a year, I find it’s healthy to pause and reflect on the previous year. It is amazing to me to see all of the good things happening within our association. I say “our” association, because the changes we are seeing have come in large part due to...

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