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No More Low-Alkali Cement? Why?!

Beginning in 2019 there will no longer be “low-alkali cement”! What? Has the portland cement manufacturing process changed such that low-alkali cement doesn’t exist anymore? The answer is NO. But in June of 2019 ASTM C150 Standard Specification for...

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Technical Q&A: Low Break Results

Question: I recently had a customer contact me regarding a low cylinder break result from his job. What does a low break mean and how should I respond? Answer: Frequently, break results are assumed to represent the in-place strength of the concrete that was placed. A...

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Congrats to the Best of the Best!

From left to right: Mac McWane, Daniel Peabody, Tony Thomas, Matthew Swope, Anthony Washington, and Rob Kraker.   Congratulations to the VRMCA 2018 Best of the Best graduates! This year’s class – Rob Kraker (Vulcan Materials), Mac McWane (Boxley),...

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What is the Concrete Design Center?

The NRMCA Concrete Design Center. You may have seen posts about this on our social media sites, or perhaps you’ve seen the Web page on the Build With Strength site. But do you know exactly what’s involved and what makes it a valuable tool for you and your...

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