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VRMCA Implements Concrete Testing Program

There’s no doubt that inconsistencies and discrepancies with on-site testing can create stress and cost our members money. And while we have some fantastic partners who we rely on to help us in this area, it’s fair to say that not all testing is handled...

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Session Four: VRMCA Concrete Leadership Program

The VRMCA Concrete Leadership Program participants tackled their latest session a bit differently than planned. Session Four of the program originally called for a plant and quarry tour of Roanoke Cement Company in Troutville, VA. But given the current restrictions...

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Meet VRMCA’s Concrete Leadership Program Participants

VRMCA kicked off its 2019-2021 Concrete Leadership Program in early August. We thought now would be the perfect time to introduce you to the participants! Charles Laverty is a Director of Safety with Boxley Materials and while he has only been with the company a short...

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Determining Chloride Content of Concrete

The water-soluble chloride ion content is limited by specifications in order to provide corrosion protection of the reinforcing steel. Limits for the chloride ion content are predicated upon the exposure conditions of the concrete element to water and/or external...

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NRMCA’s Concrete Tracker

Have you heard about NRMCA’s Concrete Tracker? If you haven’t, now is your chance to learn more about this fantastic resource! The Concrete Tracker is an interactive online resource – – that provides easy access to...

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