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    What is the Concrete Design Center?

    The NRMCA Concrete Design Center. You may have seen posts about this on our social media sites, or perhaps you’ve seen the Web page on the Build With Strength site. But do you know exactly what’s involved and what makes it a valuable tool for you and your...

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    VDOT Tests Pervious Concrete

    Pervious concrete has been around for a while. You’re likely familiar with the environmental benefits and have heard its catch phrase “when it rains it drains”. Yet with all the information available about pervious concrete, it’s a “brand...

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    Upcoming VRMCA Chapter Meetings

    Haven’t attended a VRMCA Chapter meeting in a while? Now is the perfect opportunity to block out time in your calendar and join us! Why? Well, as part of the new guidelines established for the VRMCA Chapters (formerly known as Concrete Advisory Councils), the...

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