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There’s no doubt that inconsistencies and discrepancies with on-site testing can create stress and cost our members money. And while we have some fantastic partners who we rely on to help us in this area, it’s fair to say that not all testing is handled “by the book”.

VRMCA is in the process of adopting a program that will provide a means to evaluate the level of testing in the Commonwealth, and give employers direct feedback that can be used to improve training and increase testing consistency. The Concrete Testing Adherence Collaboration (CTAC) – originally organized by the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) in 2015 – was introduced to improve our industry and establish uniform testing through ACI Standards. This program provides an opportunity for concrete producers and testing laboratories to act as partners with the goal of improving testing procedures.

The CTAC establishes an evaluation process for testing technicians that is used during on-site concrete testing and focuses on best practices as outlined by ACI. It requires VRMCA members who are familiar and experienced with ACI field testing participate as observers and utilize a questionnaire to assess individual testing personnel. The information gathered is reported monthly and will be shared with VRMCA Membership. You can review the CRMCA July report here to get a sense of what is reported.

The VRMCA program is currently in the testing phase and more information will be shared as we get closer to launching the program, tentatively scheduled for January 2022. For more information, please contact Doug Easter.