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“I Build Virginia Strong!” Campaign Anniversary

Can you believe it? It’s officially been a year since we launched the “I Build Virginia Strong!” campaign! A full year of celebrating, highlighting and promoting all the folks in our industry who work so hard every day. Since our very first post on...

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VRMCA’s “I Build Virginia Strong!” Campaign

VRMCA recently launched a campaign called “I Build Virginia Strong!” and hopefully you’ve seen some of the posts on Facebook. But in case you missed them, here’s a bit more information about the campaign… The goal for this campaign? This...

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A Note from VRMCA President Genevieve Walker

Well, here we are. Halfway through 2020 and what a year it’s been! I hope each of you – and all those around you – are staying safe and healthy. While there’s no doubt it has been a challenging year, we as an industry have seemed to fare a bit better than...

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VRMCA’s Year in Review

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and I can’t believe how quickly 2019 flew by. I truly hope that 2019 was a prosperous one for each and every one of you. And as we look forward to the new year, I’d like to take a few minutes to review the success...

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Handshake – A New Way to Recruit

Reaching and recruiting college students just got a bit easier thanks to the Handshake application! What is Handshake? In the simplest terms, Handshake is a job posting site. But it’s far from your average job posting site. Think LinkedIn but dedicated to...

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