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Can you believe it? It’s officially been a year since we launched the “I Build Virginia Strong!” campaign! A full year of celebrating, highlighting and promoting all the folks in our industry who work so hard every day.

Since our very first post on June 25, 2019 we have featured 43 individuals from everywhere within the Commonwealth of Virginia on the VRMCA Facebook page. Many of them concrete mixer truck drivers but also customer service folks, technical staff and others. The posts showcase the role they play in helping to Build Virginia Strong. This campaign has provided tremendous exposure not only for the individuals we have featured but also the companies they represent and our industry.

Consider this…
Since the day we launched this campaign, our posts on Facebook have earned more than 56,848 impressions. That means our posts have been shown almost 57,000 times. Now let’s look at the “I Build Virginia Strong!” posts which we feature on average once a week. (We post industry-related content four times a week, FYI.) The IBVS posts earned more than 29,000 impressions. That means more than 51% of our impressions on Facebook come from this campaign. From 43 posts! And the post at the top of this page of Earl Schrader? That single post earned more than 2,600 impressions alone!

So what’s next?
Who can we feature from YOUR company? Send their information along! We just need their name, title/role and maybe a quick note about the person you want to highlight to VRMCA Marketing Director Jennifer Greenwood via email. Or you can simply fill out this form. And yes, you can send as many people as you want! There’s no limit. But don’t forget to include an impromptu snap shot – doesn’t need to be fancy or formal. And then keep an eye on the VRMCA Facebook page where we’ll tag your company so you can share the post as well!