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Reaching and recruiting college students just got a bit easier thanks to the Handshake application!

What is Handshake?
In the simplest terms, Handshake is a job posting site. But it’s far from your average job posting site. Think LinkedIn but dedicated to college students and recent alumni.

The company has partnered with more than 800 colleges and universities across the country – including more than 100 of the top minority-serving institutions – to help students find opportunities regardless of where they live. In their own words, “Our Handshake community is tackling the so-called ‘pipeline problem’ head on. Skilled students are on every campus in every corner of the country and we’re proud to help employers discover, recruit and hire up-and-coming talent from all backgrounds.”

Most recently, the company has expanded access to the Handshake application to any student with an .edu email address, not just those students at participating universities.

What’s in it for Employers
As we noted above, Handshake is essentially a job posting site for a very specific audience. And according to the Web site, more than 400,000 employers are finding value in the application, including every Fortune 500 company. There is a free option that allows employers to post jobs, register for events and register for career fairs. For companies looking to expand their access, Handshake offers a premium partnership. With a premium partnership you can recruit with campaigns, enhance your company’s branding, utilize event check-ins, and access analytics. Pricing for this option is only shared after you participate in a demo of the application – which is only available once you have a free account.

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