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We hope you’ve had a chance to check out the VRMCA Resource Library on our Web site. As a reminder, the Resource Library is a repository for helpful information like articles, VRMCA Technical Bulletins and links to NRMCA resources. 

The VRMCA Resource Library also houses our infographics. Infographics are a great way to share technical information in a visual, more easily understandable manner. They distill content down to basics and rely heavily on images to convey key messaging, making even technical information something that a non-technical audience can comprehend. And of course, each includes reference to where additional, more technical details can be found should someone be interested. 

VRMCA now has three infographics available for you to share with your employees and partners:

We also have a fourth infographic in the works, repurposing the content from a recent VRMCA Technical Committee newsletter article that addressed the jobsite addition of water. Keep an eye out for that document soon. 

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to see what’s available on the VRMCA Resource Library. And if you have a suggestion for a new infographic or article, please contact VRMCA Marketing Director Jennifer Greenwood at