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    Interested in what VRMCA Marketing has been up to lately? Quick snap shot: There are social media posts and LinkedIn advertising. Original Webinars. Email advertising. Collateral. Just to highlight a few items. But one of the bigger initiatives we’re working on right now is conducting market research targeting property owners and property developers.

    What makes this research initiative different than past efforts is simply this: It’s about them. Not us. We aren’t asking what our audience thinks about concrete or the concrete industry. We are asking about them. What challenges they are facing. What their hot buttons are right now. Where they see their business heading in the next few years.

    Why? We know this is a key audience for us to reach. And to say they have been difficult to reach is an understatement. In talking to this group, we want to identify key pain points. Once we know the issues that are important to them, we can review our messaging, making sure to position concrete as a solution rather than a commodity which is how it is seen now. Because let’s face it: concrete brings a lot to the table.

    How can you help?
    Talk to your partners. Ask if they would be willing to speak to VRMCA’s Marketing Director Jennifer Greenwood for about 30 minutes. You can even share this document with them which provides an overview of the research. That’s it. All the information shared will be kept completely confidential. We’ll take it from there!