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Earlier this summer, VRMCA held its 2018 Plant & Fleet Maintenance Seminar. The information shared ranged from technology to scales to belts and just about everything in between. Attendees also learned some great tips on checking tire pressure, which we are happy to share:

  • Check air pressure when the tire is considered “cold”. The best time to check is first thing in the morning.
  • Re-inflate any tire that is 19% lower than your company’s specifications.
  • Never deflate a tire that is considered “hot”. A tire is considered “hot” after it has been driven one mile. It takes four hours to cool back down again.
  • Dual tires should have no more than 5 PSI difference between them.
  • For best results, check your air pressure gauge once a week using an “in-line” or calibrated portable Master Gauge.
  • Gauges should be checked against a calibrated Master Gauge a minimum of once a week.
  • All tires should be inflated to your company’s specifications.

Mark your calendar now for the next VRMCA Plant & Fleet Maintenance Seminar, scheduled for Wednesday, January 9, 2019. We will be sharing the latest in technology and helpful information you’ll be sure to use on a daily basis.