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Looking to expand your knowledge or perhaps share what you know with others? Perhaps you want to become more active in the ready mixed concrete industry. Why not join a VRMCA Committee? We’re recruiting right now to bring new members into the mix. We’d love to have you participate!

If you’re not quite sure which committee would be a good fit for you, check out the mission statements below. They’ll give you a high-level understanding of what each committee is looking to accomplish.

Environmental Committee
The VRMCA Environmental Committee provides a forum for the discussion and distribution of information regarding environmental compliance.

Fleet & Plant Maintenance Committee
The VRMCA Fleet & Plant Committee coordinates the discussion of ideas relating to operations, equipment maintenance, production, and distribution.

Government Relations Committee
The VRMCA Government Relations Committee coordinates VRMCA’s legislative positions and policies in the Virginia General Assembly and with the Virginia Congressional Delegation. It also oversees the activities of the VRMCA PAC.

Safety, Education & Human Resources Committee
The VRMCA Safety, Education & Human Resources Committee is a forum for information on the recruitment, training and development of personnel in the ready mixed concrete industry.

Technical Committee
The VRMCA Technical Committee coordinates the association’s technical programs and facilitates the distribution of technical updates regarding specifications and recommended practices to industry members.

Please email Christina Sandridge to sign up today!