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The Hershel “Woody” Walker Medal of Honor Foundation has one more Gold Star Family Memorial Monument – located in Lovettsille, VA – thanks in large part to the efforts of David Keuhner of One Family Brewing Company and a little help from his friends.

Keuhner started the process for the monument approximately 18 months ago, soliciting donations from local businesses and individuals alike. When it came time to install the monument – all 14,000 pounds of it – Keuhner found himself facing a new challenge. He freely admits that he knows nothing about concrete; he just knew he need a concrete pad for the granite monument to sit on. 

Thanks to a quick conversation with a neighbor who just happened to be in the concrete industry, he had three VRMCA members lined up to help about a week later. Leigh Hanson, Inc. donated the cement. Luck Stone donated the aggregate. And Vulcan Materials Company donated the concrete. Thanks to this team stepping up along with many others, the monument was installed as scheduled. 

The new Gold Star Family Memorial is free and open to the public 24/7 in Lovettsville, VA on the One Family Brewing Company’s farm. It was formally dedicated on September 11, 2020.