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VRMCA’s Concrete Leadership Program participants gathered in Richmond, VA on Monday, February 17th and Tuesday, February 18th for their second session. The session focused on an introductory lesson to state lobbying efforts. The group learned about why lobbying is important, the impact it can have on our industry, challenges faced during General Assembly, and how to best approach issues in a manner that would allow constructive conversations.

On Tuesday morning, the group put what they learned into practice when they joined VRMCA board members as they headed over to the Virginia General Assembly to meet with local representatives and discuss current bills that may impact our industry. Top of mind bills included the following topics:

  • sustainable funding for improvements and maintenance dedicated to transportation projects
  • reinstating neutral language regarding Project Labor Agreements
  • increase minimum wage
  • language to help ensure the proper flow of payment to the supplier

Up next for the group will be Session Three where they will head to Washington, DC for a lesson on Federal Lobbying which will include visits to representatives on Capitol Hill.