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The latest Family Fare Convenience Center in Wytheville, VA opened in early April 2019. And while much is consistent with other Family Fare centers, this one is a bit different. The driveway is concrete rather than asphalt thanks to some quick thinking from the folks at Boxley, Inc.

The new facility was under tight timelines but with weather delay after weather delay, meeting the targeted opening date was going to be tough if they stuck with asphalt paving. Enter concrete. Unlike asphalt it can be placed in inclement weather. Family Fare was able to meet their planned opening date and will now reap the long-term benefits of concrete paving.

Boxley supplied a total of 575 cubic yards of concrete for the project which includes footers, sidewalks, curbs, a polished concrete floor inside the building, and 368 yards for the concrete driveway.

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