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Tilt-Up is the advanced construction method for low to mid-rise structures. Load-bearing concrete wall panels are cast horizontally on site and then tilted up into position.

Tilt-Up offers your project:

Fast Track Delivery: Tilt-up lends itself to your design-build project. Earlier occupancy results form earlier access for trades, assembly line prefabrication and the universal availability of ready mixed concrete.

Cost Containment: In-place material costs are more competitive than precast, masonry or steel structures. Lower labor requirements and speed of erection mean lower costs. Expensive vertical forming and scaffolding? Not with tilt-up!

Safety: Most work is done on the ground. And since the floor slab is poured first, workers have a safer working surface.

Architectural Aesthetics: You can take pride in your tilt-up structure. The choices of colors and textures are unlimited.

Durability: Ready mixed concrete gives your project proven durability. Tilt-up buildings erected in the 1940’s show little sign of wear. Tilt-up walls even survived the Northridge, California earthquake! Concrete offers the fire and pest resistance your project demands. Tilt-up gets it in place.

For more information on tilt-up construction, contact the Tilt-Up Concrete Association.