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Folks around the Daleville, VA region have a new option when it comes to storing their household items and overflow. It’s the newest SecureStore Storage location. And the concrete for this project was provided by VRMCA-member Boxley Materials Company.

Boxley supplied 1,450 cubic yards of concrete for both the interior footings and slabs. But what you’ll see first is the 1,460 cubic yards of concrete that was used for the exterior slabs and sidewalks. When asked why they chose to go with concrete for the exterior, owner Don Huber of SecureStore, LLC said, “Durability was the primary reason. That and the low maintenance. It’s not that concrete doesn’t require any maintenance, but it’s much less.” Huber also considered the life cycle costs of a project when choosing building materials. “When you do the math over 30 to 40 years, it just doesn’t make sense to go with asphalt. Concrete is the better choice. It’s more of a quality product.”

The new SecureStore Storage facility opened April 2020.